Bug Academy

I am happy to announce that the Bug Academy’s crowdfunding campaign has launched!

Currently it is in the “pre-launch” phase, the proper campaign will start in mid-October, but you can already help!

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About the game

Bug Academy is an arcade game but it is also a school for insects. Insects Training and Education Center. Here they’ll acquire new skills, new knowledge, they’ll get stronger, better. They will become better citizens. We will train your bugs!


  • Controls – there are only 3 keys: one for flapping left wing, one for flapping right wing and one for bug-specific action.
  • Insects – flies which can grab objects, fireflies which glow and illuminate dark places, many other insects, each with unique ability.
  • Tasks – at Bug Academy insects are being prepared for various real life situations. That’s why there are scenarios where they have to deliver a fridge, sort mail, fix clogged pipes or even paint pictures.
  • Humor – have you seen flies trying to deliver fridge? Hilarious!

How it started

Bug Academy started as a game created for the Kongregate Game Jam. The game was called Flies,  and it was about flying bunch of flies through 10 maze-like levels as fast as possible. It had unique controls where you had to constantly tap two keys (for left and right wing) in order to fly. It received 2 awards: Most Innovative and Best Audio.